He ran away

I’m standing in line for sushi when I glance over and notice his shirt. It says “Boston University.” I look at him with a start, and he notices me staring and glances away nervously. In my head, I’m already asking him if he goes to BU, and if so, what year he is. However, I decide that I should start the conversation after I have finished ordering. So I’m waiting…and it is almost my turn. Suddenly the cashier calls, “Number 59!” and my BU friend takes his to-go order and leaves. Crap.

So then I’m left standing there thinking that I should have just talked to him right when I saw him. Then I could have a new friend at school who is from my town. I already had our whole conversation in my head. I would ask him where he lives on campus, and tell him where I live. We would talk about which schools we were in, and see if we had mutual friends. I feel like I just let a perfectly good opportunity for making a new friend go just because I had to “bide my time” until after my order.

The thing is, it’s not like I was attracted to him or anything like that. I already have a boyfriend. I just wanted to be friends because we go to the same school and live in the same town. It’s not that common. So imagine if I feel like this over that, how do people feel when this happens to someone who they think is their soul mate? Or just someone they thought was super hot? But then again, I’m basing my friendship with the BU guy based on two very similar interests/background. These people are basing their “soul mate” on mere looks. So nevermind then.


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