85°C Bakery


Today I agreed to accompany my best friend to Irvine to run some errands and visit friends when I happened to make a cute bakery discovery. 85°C Bakery is the most popular cafe in Taiwan with 156 stores (according to the bakery website). The one I visited today is the first one to open in the states I think. So what sets 85°C Bakery apart from the rest of the Taiwanese inspired bakeries in southern California?

I think it starts off first with the decor. The bakery is divided into three sections. To the left are the bread baskets, towards the middle is the cashier counter and rows of cakes behind glass, on top is the drinks menu, and to the right are the small plastic tables and padded chairs. The size of the place is bigger than most bakeries because it functions as a cafe as well.

There is a wide range of flavors to choose from in the bread selection. They carry typical flavors such as the round red bean bun with sesame sprinkled on top, or the long green onion bun that places like 99 Ranch bakery have. The ones that caught my eye was the black “Calamari Chicken” bread that is in the shape of a small black baguette filled with chicken, corn and sauce. I don’t know why its called calamari but it looked pretty interesting. I tried the custard and cheese sugared bun which was heavenly, anyone who likes cheese should try it. There was the right amount of crunchy sugar, creamy cheese and light custard to make me want to buy another one on my next visit.

The drinks offered are mainly smoothies or tea, and I was actually served the wrong one. I ordered Mixed Berry Green Tea and was handed Mountain Green Tea instead. The staff was really nice about giving me the right drink but neither of them tasted very good. They both had very strong tea flavor and were not sweet enough for me. The cake selection looked amazing, just because the way they decorate each slice of cake is cute, detailed and followed a fruit or chocolate theme. Unfortunately I didn’t have room left to try them after the bread and tea. Good thing there’s always next time!

2700 Alton Pkwy
Ste 123
Irvine, CA 92606 (949) 553-8585



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