painting the beastie boys

Gallery 1988’s Current Exhibit: Under the Influence, an art tribute to the Beastie Boys.

I’ve been to the Gallery 1988 once before to see some Kurt Halsey pieces. Last weekend I tagged along with my sister and her boyfriend to see the Beastie Boys exhibit. I have to admit, I’m not a hardcore Beastie Boys fan. I only remember “Sabotage” and “Brass Monkey” on MTV when I was younger. However, I could still appreciate the work these artists put into the exhibition. The sculpture-like pieces caught my eye the most. My personal favorite are the hand-sewn dolls placed inside a felt can with a lid that rolled down, just like a real tin can. Robot#003 was pretty cool as well, with the artist’s heads stacked on top of each other inside the robot’s body. I think a real Beastie Boy’s fan would have loved it.

Side note: My experience was semi-ruined by a creepy man who was loitering outside the gallery when I stepped out for a phone call. He needed me to “buy him a magazine inside the gallery because he parked his car across the street and needed to keep watch on it.” First of all, they weren’t selling any magazines inside the gallery, and neither did he specify exactly what magazine he wanted to purchase. He just talked fast and shoved the money in my face. His fidgety manner and shifty eyes did not win me over to do him this weird favor. I uncomfortably excused myself back into the gallery. Watch out for sketchy people when you visit that area.

7020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038


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  1. Stan

    I’m currently listening to Brass Monkey while reading your blog. Its kind of embarrassing to know that I sang this in front of you and your sister, but instead of saying Brass Monkey, I said Jazz Monkey..

    I enjoyed the pictures that you posted! I like the “Hello Beasties” by Jen Rarey. Its something that I wouldn’t mind having in my room as decoration.

    As for your side note, in retrospect, you should have taken the money and disappeared.

    – Anfernee

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