Royal/T preparty curated by KAWS

Royal/T preparty curated by KAWS

I’m a little late blogging about this since I went on Friday, but anyway here are the only two pictures I took at the KAWS event at Royal/T. One is a showcase of his figures. The other is just a general shot of the crowd. I felt like a tourist with my digital camera so I didn’t want to take too many.  At first I thought we were getting a sneak preview of some work from his show at Honor Fraser but it was really just a cocktail party with some works by KAWS, but other artists as well. He curated the event so it was his pick of art.

I got to meet the owner for a bit and her PR girl I think. KAWS was there and some other artists too. But it was so crowded that I didn’t stay long. I think I’m going to his real show at Honor Fraser when I get the chance because although the stuff they had at Royal/T was cool, I didn’t get a chance to see much because there were so many people. I didn’t even get any drinks either since I thought I was driving home after. 😦


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  1. elysetang

    annie bought a giant robot magazine from the ucla bookstore today and saw your name in it under intern! EXCITING! 😀

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