A to Z

I went to a screening of Yoshitomo Nara’s A to Z documentary held at Royal/T last night. I absolutely loved it. After doing a lot of research on artists for GR, I came to really like Nara’s stuff, and I think he might be my favorite. We got to see him travel with graf to different countries where he built little houses for his project. It was amazing watching the houses come together, and the way they’re designed is adorable. He likes making peep-holes and little windows for people to look through and see sculptures of his sweet white dog. One house was made so that depending on which peep-hole you looked through, the dogs would be a different color.

Besides watching A to Z come together, we also got to see the way Yoshitomo Nara is as a person, which I appreciated because I didn’t know much about him personally. It makes me happy to see how humble he is even though he could sketch on a piece of toilet paper and sell it off for thousands at an auction. He also said that he will never reach his peak because he feels there is so much more that he wants to do and create, which I think is a mentality that a lot of Japanese have. I really admire it. Next time I go to Japan, I’m going to try to go to Hirosaki, which is where the final part of his project is located. Instead of being just one little house, he made an entire town out of his houses.

A to Z, Yoshitomo Nara + graf

A to Z, Yoshitomo Nara + graf


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