bright patterns

painted petals confetti dots spots

painted petals confetti dots spots

I went to Marc Jacobs on Melrose yesterday.  I haven’t been shopping or going to any designer stores since I’ve been back in California because 1. It’s such a long drive to get to them, unlike before when I could just walk or catch the T. And with the gas guzzling machine I have to drive, I prefer not to as often. 2. I don’t have any money.

They had really cute spring dresses though, each for about $300 and up. It reminded me just how very poor I am. But then again, who really needs $300 dollar dresses? Especially during a recession. The brilliant colors and patterns are nice to admire though. It makes me excited because the weather is starting to get warm too.

Sidenote: I was watching the Asian news channel with my mom last night and there were some segments on Americans going through the economic crisis, the mass unemployment rate, and the increased sleeping pills rate. Apparently a lot of people are losing sleep and there’s been a 7% increase in pills that help insomnia in America.

There was also a clip showing a guy on his Macbook in a coffee shop, offering advice to the audience saying that we have to find something that no one else does, and do it well in order to find a job. Well…what is something that no one else does?! Tell me God damnit!


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  1. elysetang

    i went there on tuesday! hahhaa.. i was tempted to buy one of their wallets in the display case. and did you see that little mini strapped purse thing in the display case? it was soo cute ahhh

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