Julienne likes: Eric Carle

Today sister showed me this super cute arrangement of cupcakes on swissmiss:

hungry catepillar

hungry catepillar

Isn’t it adorable? I want to eat it! I love Eric Carle books just as much now as I did in first grade. I’m definitely going to read them to my kids.

a few of my favorites

a few of my favorites

I think Brown Bear was pretty repetitive, but the illustrations are nice. Pancakes is about a boy who wakes up and wants to eat pancakes, but since he lives in the countryside, he has to spend the whole day doing chores – like cutting the wheat, and churning the cream into butter before he can finally eat the pancake. The Cricket, I kind of forgot what the storyline was, but I know on the last page you can hear the cricket chirping, which was a delight when I was a kid.


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