paint swatches


Yesterday I went to Home Depot with Eric to pick out color swatches for his new bedroom and office walls. We settled on some deep blues, muted greens, some grays and a handful of maroons. I think he’s decided on the blues and greens though. I love how Home Depot offers their color swatches for free. It really helps when you’re thinking of redecorating your room. I grabbed a couple pamphlets with nicely decorated rooms. Color really is important in order to create the right mood and balance.

I love the pink they used for the windows and bottom layer of the wall for the kitchen. It’s just enough pink to liven up the room, without looking like Barbie’s dollhouse. We both loved the lounge room because of the heightened bedspace they created. I’d want one of those in my future house. The blue for the bathroom walls is perfect; and isn’t the old bathtub so cute? My favorite is the yellow bedroom. I can’t imagine waking up in that room on the wrong side of the bed.


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