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Map | Foryourart

Map | Foryourart

LA Art Weekend doesn’t start until Thursday but Postopolis! LA’s opening party starts tomorrow night. Download a map of this week’s events created by Bettina Korek on the Foryourart website. These maps were first developed by Korek in order to make navigating around L.A. easier, and since then they have been released seasonally or by events. One was made for Art Basel in Miami this year too. These maps are cool because they work as nifty little guides for art, architecture, food, and fashion. This one is divided into sections throughout L.A.; they break it up into areas such as Culver City, with a map and a list of venues and events, and then another section for Santa Monica, etc. I always have trouble finding places and getting around L.A. since I’m still a newbie, plus I suck at driving, so these maps are helpful to someone like me. It also helps me organize and plan which events I’m going to this week. 🙂 Yay!

Side note: They’ll be handing out actual copies of the map at the Standard tomorrow and throughout the rest of this week.


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