Postopolis! opening night review

image from Storefront and ForYourArt

image from Storefront and ForYourArt

I’m basically a week late updating about the opening night of Postopolis!, but I’ve been busy compiling the talks I had with some of the speakers there. The interview with Bettina Korek, founder of ForYourArt and Brian Roettinger (the designer of their maps) is on ArtSlant now. Even though the event ended Saturday night, all the lectures and talks are available online.

For someone who didn’t know anything about architecture before this, I’m glad I went to the event because there were so many interesting and accomplished bloggers, designers, and architects there that were really nice about answering questions and talking about their work. It was also cool that it was at the Standard rooftop bar, even though parking cost $10. I also got to speak with Joseph Grima, founder of Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York, and Geoff Manaugh who is an editor for Dwell and the BLDGBLOG blogger. At first I was really intimidated to go and talk to them because I don’t know crap about architecture and I didn’t want to look like an idiot, but now I know a little more and it’s not even really about the design and architecture, but more on how people act in certain landscapes and environments. They were really into how the politics of space govern our actions – relating and connecting architecture to just about everything. More updates to come soon!


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