Julienne likes: iGoogle

my iGoogle homepage

my iGoogle homepage

I’m in love – with iGoogle. What stemmed from a causal conversation with friends over dim sum has turned into a new revelation for my life! Now I don’t need bookmarks, or Mac mail, or widgets. My Stella McCartney themed homepage  has everything I need on one page: YouTube, Gmail, LA Times, weather, etc. I’ve yet to customize it completely and add all the links and pages I need, but after that it’ll have EVERYTHING. This is so cool. I don’t know why I didn’t know about it before. Over the weekend we were talking about the Gmail themes, and Evelyn mentioned how some people have themes for their Google homepage as well. So I asked my boyfriend about it, he told me to go on iGoogle.com, and then I spent a good half hour deciding on which theme to go with. Weeee I’m so excited. I should be compiling another interview right now, but all I want to do is customize my homepage…or play animal crossing on ds. Except I didn’t bring it to LA this week. 😦

Hallmark ecard from Stan

Hallmark ecard from Stan

32 more days until Boston! ❤


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