Julienne needs: self defense?

I think it’s pretty annoying how I can’t even go for a walk in my cousin’s neighborhood without feeling unsafe. She doesn’t live in the ghetto, the entire street is filled with bimmers and benzes. It was so nice out today that I really didn’t have an excuse not to exercise. I went out at around 7:00 pm, when it was still light out, and walked a couple blocks while talking on the phone. I got back to the front of my cousin’s place after 25 minutes and just stood there talking when a shady man with long messy hair stuffed under a red baseball cap walks past me, holding some random box or clothes. Even though he looked kind of weird and disheveled, I ignored him and kept talking. He walked like five feet away from me and then turned around and stared at me. So I start inching towards the gate, and he keeps turning around and staring at me, and even starts walking towards me at some point. I didn’t feel safe, so I quickly unlock the gate and went inside.

Why can’t people just be normal and leave other people alone? I know he didn’t say or do anything to me, but still. I was uncomfortable and I don’t think a normal person would have acted that way. There’s also a crazy guy who hangs around GR, barefoot and dressed entirely in white, who likes to stand in front of his house and just holler obscenities into the street. I mean, people can do what they want, but I don’t like it when I don’t feel safe. So now I think maybe I should take some kickboxing or self defense classes this summer, so when the crazies come out, I don’t have to feel scared.


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