GR 59 Wreck Age

cover and my anime reviews

cover and my anime reviews

We got the new issue today! I kept bugging Martin to call the store and ask if the FedEx guy dropped the magazines off yet, and finally around 3 we got the call. I did three anime reviews this time and a comic review. Woo moving up in the world! Also, Martin did a short interview of me on his blog. Read it here! This is my first time being interviewed. Time to get rich and famous! (Also, why do I look like I’m 16 in the picture?)

Everyone go buy the new issue! You can read about charaben, a legit ex-gangster, an art movie about ’70s soft porn and look at Masakatsu Sashie’s ball paintings. They’re not really balls, but you’ll see.

Sidenote: I recently downloaded Gardening Mama for my R4 but I haven’t tested it to see if it actually works. I’ll update about that later!


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