her morning elegance

Currently listening to this on repeat…


Today was a hard day for me.

Getting rejected by three places in one day is what I like to call a triple bitch slap.

I was waiting in line at my usual Mexican food truck on La Grange and Bundy when this lady who works at Fox started talking to me. She said I reminded her of her roommate from college, some Japanese chick called something Masahara. “Masahara,” what a fun word to say,” she said. I felt like she was a little off her rocker, but she made me feel happier because she complimented me on my shoes and said, “You’re such a lovely, pretty girl, you’ll find a job soon.” Thank you, lady.

I had an embarrassing breakdown at GR today.

I got to play with my niece and nephew earlier. We pretended we were doctors and checked each other’s blood pressure, heartbeat, ears, reflexes, and then gave each other shots. I love Fisher Price playsets. Then we cut each other’s hair with plastic scissors. Somehow, I started to feel better after that.


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