LAAP Film Fest

At the film fest last weekend I got to watch…

picture-12A cute family film where the director explores the tendency for people to pretend they’re someone they’re not. A lot of her family was involved with producing the film, her two cousins Barnali and Ansuman were actors as well as her mom, her husband produced the music, her brother-in-law helped out too, it was totally a family affair. Kavi Ladnier who appeared on Heroes was in it (she’s so pretty) and Samrat Chakrabarti (very good looking). Most of the actors were there after the film was over for a Q & A.  I met with Sarba yesterday, who was totally cool,  and it was really fun talking to her. I’m excited for the article!! 😀

We also got to watch…

picture-21Hiroshi Watanabe made a really adorable loser, I was laughing throughout the whole movie. The cast was great, Nae did a good job, Justin Kwong who plays Bob was really funny, and James Kyson Lee from Heroes was also in it. It was kind of like an Asian 40-year old Virgin, but less crude and with more developed characters.


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