i miss…

boston chowda's lobster roll

boston chowda's lobster roll

Oh lobster roll, how I miss you. Okay, so I know my last post said I’d update with “a steady stream of photos” and then my blog died for the duration of my Boston trip and then some. But there are several legit reasons for this that are not mere excuses. 1. I decided to save my pictures for a possible project, so I wasn’t sure if I should post them on my blog just yet. I might just compile images and make another scrapbook out of them if said project doesn’t follow through. 2. I was there for senior week. That means 1,000 students who are about to graduate and compromise to crappy jobs and become real people are partying for the last time. I didn’t want to bring my camera to these festivities in case some drunk frat guy knocked it out of my hand while he proceeded to shuffle his feet and sway his arms (drunk frat boy dancing).

Anyway, the blog is alive again.


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