friends with me

I’ve always liked Friends With You even before I really became interested in art. I’m a sucker for super cute things. I always had their website bookmarked, I’d flip through their books at every store that carried them, and I was super jealous when Theme magazine staff members got to go to Art Basel and see the Fun House village. Anyway, I was at GR today doing some editing when I came across one of the articles that inspired me to purchase something by Friends With You. It was a tiny little paragraph if even, but I was hooked. After GR I went to the store and bought two of these little guys, one for me and one for sister…

buddy chub

buddy chub

I don’t know which character is in Jill’s box because you don’t find out unless you open it. These toys are supposed to make your wishes come true! You either spin or roll it depending on which character you get, since they’re differently shaped – and then you make your wish. Now’s the time where I really need some good luck. Buddy chub is going to look really cute on my night stand. 🙂


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  1. iamjl

    i can’ wait to get mine, sister! thank you.
    how is furby doing?

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