iPhone 3G S

I knew it would come! I was starting to have my doubts when people posted fake iPhone commercials online, but over the weekend I asked my sister’s boyfriend if it’s true that a new iPhone is coming out. He said the rumor was they were introducing it on Monday. Sure enough, Monday it was on the Apple website. However, I don’t think you can actually buy it until June 19th.

Picture 1From what I see online so far, the style is practically identical to the previous iPhones. The new functions that are worth noting I think are the video camera, voice control (meaning you can place calls by saying a person’s name and I’m sure other cool stuff as well), internet is two times faster, and internet tethering. The last one means that you can get internet on your computer via bluetooth from your iPhone or by plugging your iPhone into your computer. I think that’s the greatest function of all. Now you can go to Starbucks and go online without having to pay for their stupid wireless. Time to save up money for the new iPhone!


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