Phoenix at the Wiltern

Phoenix 1901

For some reason my Vimeo video won’t load onto my blog, so you can click the link above to see it. I recorded them playing 1901. They are so good live. I was a little sad that they didn’t play Fences though.

Picture 2

Stan and I decided to ride the Metro to the concert thinking that it’d be fun and convenient. Well, it wasn’t, and maybe because we rode it on a Sunday, BUT it was slow, thus inefficient, it wasn’t well ventilated, thus it smelled and was really stuffy, the system isn’t well thought out because you need to transfer and go backwards before you can go forwards (at least in our case) and there are some pretty weird characters on the Metro, not like the T in Boston. I think we’re going to stick to driving.

Sidenote: It has to be added that before the concert, Stan and I grabbed dinner at Mr. Pizza which is about a block or two down from the Wiltern on Wilshire. Their Korean pizza surpassed all my Asian fusion pizza expectations, I can’t believe there’s a place like this in the States! We got the Gold Potato pizza that was loaded with bacon, tomato, sour cream, generous potato slices, loads of cheese and nacho chip pieces. I know it sounds weird, but it’s delicous. The dough is hand rolled with a surprise of sweet potato hidden inside, like a little present. I’m definitely going back, and apparently their lunch hours include set meals with drinks and appetizers included.



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3 responses to “Phoenix at the Wiltern

  1. Stan

    MR. PIZZAAAAH!!! “little present” haha nice. nice.


  2. joanie


  3. iamjl

    i wanted to try it, but R. didn’t. next time., next time.

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