adventures of chloé

Joanie has always wanted a pet, whether it be a dog or a cat, and yesterday she decided to take it upon herself to finally get one. Elyse and I accommpanied her to West Covina where she chose from a litter of really cute kittens. The guy that gave us Chloé had like 10 cats just hanging out at his house and two huge-sounding dogs barking inside. Chloé was my favorite instantly, although I did like the tiny black one. If I were to get a cat, I’d name it Kiki after Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Picture 4

There’s little Chloé, only 3 months old. Isn’t she a dear? I hope everything works out! Meanwhile I’m sitting at home unable to make the beach trip today. Boo. But I can’t complain because I finally got the iPhone yesterday! I’ll probably be playing with it all day. Now all I have to do is sell my iPod Touch…any takers?


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  1. joanne

    Gimme those pictures! 😀

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