Explore: Little Tokyo & Melrose

After meeting and interviewing Hiroshi Watanabe today – who is adorable and lots of fun to talk to – Jill and I hung around Little Tokyo after. We saw some works by PCP in Weller Court, then went to a clothing store that had two pet cats, “Boy” and “Mr. Sherman.” Boy was hiding but Mr. Sherman was around. He’s a golden striped tabby and so fat and cute. I kind of want a cat now.

Picture 1We also went to the Marc Jacobs store. I heard they’re giving away free iPhone covers if you buy something. Too bad we didn’t! Instead we stopped by this little place that smelled like chocolate called Xooro, which is a place that sells gourmet churros. Interesting, right? We got the Tortoise flavor one which was filled with Dulce de Leche, walnuts, and milk chocolate. It wasn’t fantastic, and I wish the churro were warmer, but it’s a cute place. Totally overpriced, though!

DSC02570$4. 20 for this little stick.

8360 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles CA


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  1. fat guy

    yumm the churro makes me hungry!!

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