stocking stuffers

I’ve devoted my entire day at the office to reading blogs and catching up on my New Yorker. It’s one of those days where no one is here and you can’t leave because you’re waiting on someone else. Wonderful! I came across the Old Soul New Heart website again, and I really love her stuff. I’m sad that I didn’t act sooner when I first looked at her website because now everything is so much more expensive. Here are a few of my favorites from her Holidate ’09 Collection:

I can’t seem to get enough headbands. I ordered some more from Bambako as Christmas presents, and am still waiting for them to arrive. Does anyone feel like it’s Christmas time? I don’t. But I’m spending Christmas weekend in San Fran for the first time! I’m very excited and will hopefully feel more motivated to post about my trip. I’ve been completely MIA this month trying to find an apartment and other grown-up things!


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  1. What a pretty headband!

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