Adventures Up North

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hopefully a lot of you don’t have to work much this week – I’m happily working from home. I went to SF with Stan this past weekend, and it was fabulous, of course. (I think we both needed it). It was my first time visiting the city, and I’d say hands-down the best part was the seafood. The lobster bisque can’t compare to Boston’s but I think the crab definitely tops all. Despite the hobos, huge hills, and XXX adult entertainment in our hotel’s neighborhood, I really liked it there. I’d definitely recommend staying at the Cova Hotel: free breakfast, free shuttle rides to Union Square and Fisherman’s, and nice rooms.

Highlights of places we explored…

Best parts:

  • Visiting Tamiko’s hometown in El Cerito
  • The rooftop of Academy of Science Museum. The lit-up domes reminded me of something from a Ghibli movie
  • The sphere-shaped greenhouse at ASM
  • Seeing the Golden Gate from our boat. (Next time we’re riding a tandem bike across it!)
  • Trolley rides. Every city should have a cable car system, that’d be so much fun!
  • Japantown makes our Little Tokyo look kind of sad

Highlights of us…

Best parts: Being together

Lastly, all the food that we ate! My favorite part…

Best parts:

  • Kurobuta from The House
  • Swan Oyster Depot…holy crap this place is good. Super fresh seafood, kinda pricey, but they’re generous with the meat
  • Crab Stands at Fisherman’s Wharf. I think we went to Nick’s for our crab. We kind of got stuck at Pier 39 even though Matt (our hotel guy, now a friend) told us not to. Do not eat at the spots with all the touristy crap with restaurants like Bubba Gump Shrimp. The crab stands halfway between Pier 39 and Ghiradelli Square is where it’s at. Get a can of Corona on the side!
  • Kara’s Cupcakes. I actually didn’t buy anything but I love the decor of the bakery

Another successful travel adventure with Stanley ❤


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  1. Stan

    Hands down one of the best trips we had thus far! Everything went smoothly :8) Thanks for being a great partner in our adventure!

    Memorable quote from the trip: “Wacha look’n at me for!!”

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