into the tea forest

During my lunch break today I walked next door to Tea Forest for some bubble milk tea (the jasmine one is really good). To my surprise there was a Phillip Lumbang mural on the wall, with all the animals – bear, panda, raccoon, and elephant!

Here’s a little cup he drew on the other wall

I asked the cashier if they asked Phillip to paint the mural or if they are friends with him. Apparently Phillip’s cousin works at the cafe. That’s my cool discovery of the day



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3 responses to “into the tea forest

  1. cool! where is this cafe? I want to visit. Did you hear that his mural in Silverlake is getting painted over b/c it’s seen as offensive? Lame.

  2. Julienne

    it’s on washington right next door to my work!

  3. Stan

    the bubble tea heyah is good!

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