Summer Solstice

circus poster

Courtesy of Jon Tang

A really good friend of mine – Jon Tang, Footwear Designer 1 for Puma – had a solo art show at Plough and Stars in Cambridge (MA) last week. Enjoy the photos from the opening night of Summer Solstice, plus a little interview I did with him.

What were your thoughts and concept behind the work at the show?

JT: The theme to the show was ‘summer solstice and the circus’. I wanted to make a few pieces of what those things meant to me. The circus is an old tradition. Nowadays it doesn’t have as much spark and jazz as it used to. It was an event. A show. As a kid, though, going to the circus wasn’t really about going to a circus. Kids were more excited about all the popcorn and peanuts they got at the circus. With this I wanted to make some posters that were inspired by graphics from popcorn bags as well as the popcorn and peanut wagon. These posters and advertisements would spotlight ‘hot’ ‘fresh’ popcorn while also advertising the circus itself. It’s very much a twist on what the circus experience is to a kid.

How do you feel – like right now?

JT: Content. Hungry now.

One word to describe your artwork.

JT: Popcorn!

If you could be any performer or animal at the circus, what would it be?

JT: The ring master – cause he’s the big boss.

@ Plough and Stars

They got a real acrobat!


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