Peek into the World Expo

Today was our first day at the expo. We wanted to get a feel for the lines and people before we dived into the 4 hour commitment required to see most of the pavilions. Since we know it’ll be impossible to see them all, here are the one’s on our list:


It’s a pretty ambitious list considering if each line takes an average of 4 hours, that’s a total of 28. So yes, we’ll definitely be coming back for at least another 2 days. Here’s what we managed to see today just walking around:

South Korea. Love the 3D character pop-outs and playful architecture.

Inside Vietnam. The chandeliers were gorgeous!

Lunch in the French Pavilion. My favorite one so far – both for architecture, food and the showcase inside.

On the menu: Seared halibut with a butter sauce topped with tomatos, cubes of mango and toasted almond. Heavy but delicious.

…and for dessert, vanilla ice cream with chocolate accompanied by a green tea chocolate mousse. Refreshing in this weather. Bon Appétit!


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