Plastic is Fantastic

We treated ourselves to a walk down to Royal/t during lunch today (I love that it’s just down the street from work!) to check out their current Warholian + Barbie installation. Just like the million other girls who played with Barbie all throughout childhood, I was so excited to see the different displays of Barbie dreamhouses in there – even though the Barbie house I used to play with wasn’t a part of the showcase.

There were other goodies where I had to exercise a lot of self restraint not to buy – a beautifully packaged Barbie scented candle, Barbie greeting cards, and in the Warhol section a hamburger stool, giant crayons, and giant ice cream cones from one of my favorite screen prints of his. Barbie + Warhol = greatest combo ever.

Photos via ChinaShopMag


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