Solvang & Santa Barbara

Recently a lot of people have been doing Instagram series on their blogs, which I really like. It’s not a new idea, but as I’m an active user of the app I thought I might as well share my photos too. If you like them, feel free to follow me: jlin25



Yesterday was a Sunday well spent. Most Sunday’s are spent lounging around, cleaning, and doing work in preparation for Monday. Rarely do we go on a day trip on a Sunday so it was refreshing to visit somewhere I’ve never been before (Solvang) and stop by somewhere I’ve always liked (Santa Barbara). If you are in Solvang, make sure to visit Paula’s Pancake House. Order the Danish pancakes with fresh fruit and the Eggs Benedict. It’s a lot of food so make sure you have someone who will share both dishes with you. Other than that, it’s mostly about admiring the novelty of the windmills and Dutch inspired buildings and shops. There are plenty of places to do wine tasting, and of course a bar to stop at for Carlsberg. I know everyone likes to go home with a bucket of butter cookies from one of their many bakeries, but I got a box of baked goods yesterday and they weren’t anything to write home about.

As for Santa Barbara, it’s always nice to be by the water, even in this freezing February weather.

The beach in Santa Barbara

The beach in Santa Barbara


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