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Heart-Shaped Balloons

Geronimo Balloons Valentine’s Day from hak lonh on Vimeo.

In the spirit of Valentines Day approaching, here’s a video by Geronimo Balloons featuring her new giant heart balloons, created specifically for the holiday.


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Poketo’s Mini Designer Blind Box Chairs

I’ve always loved models of chairs like the Eames Molded Plastic chair – chairs that I can’t currently afford but would like to own some day. Poketo just released new models into their mini designer chair collection in blind boxes. Until I can purchase a real one, I’d love to start a collection out of these.

Poketo mini designer chairs

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Mid-Century Modern Design at LACMA

There are two exhibitions at the LACMA I recently went to see. One of them is the California Design: Living in Modern Way exhibition showcasing mid-century modern designs from furniture to prints to clothes. The best parts are a tie between the Eames House living room actually sitting in the middle of the exhibition and the entire lineup of all the Eames chair designs.

The actual living room transported from the Eames House in Pacific Palisades.

A bitty Eames plywood chair.

Good advice.

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New At Baggu


Last Christmas our agency screen-printed on kelly green baggus and gave them away as little Christmas presents. I now use it as my beach bag, it holds a lot. They’ve made some new designs since then and added some neat, new items like zipper bags and the Duck bag. Using reusable bags doesn’t have to be boring. I’d love to have the elephant print one.


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Design Sponge at Home


This arrived at work the other day and I was so thrilled! I pre-ordered it back in August or July I think and then forgot about it since it wasn’t available yet, so it was a pleasant surprise. Design Sponge is one of my favorite design/inspiration blogs, and I tend to buy whatever books my favorite bloggers happen to publish. This may be my favorite one so far and I’ve spent the whole weekend poring over it and putting stickies on all my favorite Sneak Peek spaces.



If you love Design Sponge too, I’d definitely recommend getting Grace Bonney’s book. It’s not only addicting to read, it’s packed with tips, where to buy, and how to recreate hundreds of looks. I’ll definitely be consulting this when I move into a more permanent apartment, I’ve already got pages and pages bookmarked to revisit.

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Pasadena Flea Market Finds



twigtree_fullOn my search for a shoe rack  (or a cool shelf of sorts that I can potentially repurpose into a shoe rack) I decided to go to the Pasadena Flea Market last Sunday. I didn’t happen to find a shoe rack, but instead picked up something else I’ve been wanting for a few years now – a jewelry twig tree stand. It definitely wasn’t easy to find and we had to stop several people to finally figure out where the stand was, but it was worth the search. I couldn’t resist getting an air plant and it hangs nicely on the twig tree too. I set it all up last night on my book shelf, and I have to say I’m quite pleased with it. No more tangled necklaces!

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Desk Personas

I came across this paper goods website through a tweet by Julia Rothman. Dear Hancock Paper has a set of greeting cards on different creative desks. My favorites:

artist_deskThe Artist Desk


The Gardener’s Desk


Desk with Pets

And one that looks most simliar to my desk…


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