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Macaroons & Makeup


People love combinations of their favorite things, and I’m no exception. I recently read on NOTCOT that Laduree, is releasing a cosmetics line. Laduree is a French bakery known for their macaroons. Images of their cosmetics line have been released and consist of lip colors, blushes and and foundations. How pretty are they?


[Images via Fashion Press]


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SD Food Adventures Part II

After dinner, a lot of our friends recommended Extraordinary Desserts, so we left La Jolla and headed towards downtown San Diego. It was worth it and I’d definitely go back. I’d even go so far as to say it was the highlight of my San Diego trip since the weather was gloomy and Balboa Park was disappointing. Anyway, here’s the dessert roundup…


Lemon bar: I don’t know why, but I always have to order a Lemon bar whenever I go to any bakery. I love lemon or lime-flavored desserts and most of the time they are really good. For Lemon bars however, I can’t say I’ve ever had a fantastic one. I gave this one a try and even though it looks amazing, it was just okay.


Dulce de Leche Cake: VERY good. Especially if you like chocolate. However, nothing we ordered topped the Berry Torte, below:


Fantastic. Not only do I love all the pink petals and frosting, but the cake is moist, the frosting is light and it definitely makes my top 3 best cakes I’ve ever had. (The other two being the Triple Berry cake from Sweet Lady Jane on Melrose and the Red Velvet cake from Susina Bakery in west LA). You have to order this if you go to Extraordinary Desserts, or at least one of their tortes if you don’t like berries.

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SD Food Adventures Part 1

About two weeks ago I took a weekend trip down to San Diego. This post is overdue but it’s been a busy two weeks and fortunately I wanted to blog about a seafood/French restaurant we went to while we were there. The restaurant isn’t going anywhere so timing is still fine.

So here’s a lineup of what we had at the Marine Room in La Jolla…

marine room

The Ocean Trilogy Tasting: Vanilla Lobster, Plum Tuna Tartare, Yellowtail Sashimi Spanish Trout Caviar, Sesame Cone, Lemon Myrtle

Pretty presentation but the sushi tasted weird. I’m not used to creamy sauces on raw fish.

marine room
Cashew Dukkah Crusted Blue Crab Cake: Buckwheat Yam Noodles, Wasabi Sprouts, Agrumes  Cucumber Tokai Ju

Very good, although I wish it came with two.

marine room
Midwestern Center Cut Filet Mignon: Whipped Kennebec Potato, Tilston Point Blue, Mountain Berry Chutney  Mustard Seed Garnacha Sauce

Also delicious, but the blue cheese on the side was a little strong.

marine room
Macadamia Pesto Crusted Tasmanian Steelhead Salmon: Eggplant Wheat Berry Timbale, Tomato Confit, La Quercia Prosciutto Saffron Angelica Infusio

Maybe the best salmon I’ve ever had?

And as if the food wasn’t good enough, the view was fantastic. The restaurant sits directly on the beach with floor to ceiling windows.

marine room

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Every month my 3 best friends and I meet up for happy hour at a different spot in LA. This time we went to Wurstkuche, “an exotic sausage grill in the heart of downtown LA.” I ordered the Floris Apple Ale which might possibly be the most delicious beer I’ve ever had, and I think they sell it at BevMo although I haven’t gone to check if they have it in stock yet. As for the sausage, I went with the Duck & Bacon with jalapeño which was very good. Apparently everyone on Yelp likes the Rattlesnack & Rabbit which is a bit too racy for my taste. Anyway, some photos:




My dog and some fries with a side of pesto mayo. My only qualm, be prepared to drop about $25 for this meal (including a beer).

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Post Holiday Recap

I’m happy to report that my dish contribution to Thanksgiving dinner was a success! As promised, here’s a recap –

sweet potatoProsciutto wrapped sweet potatoes with rosemary tucked inside. I just followed Mark Bittman’s video recipe. It was very simple. Just cut sweet potatoes into wedges, wrap prosciutto around them with rosemary, drizzle olive oil and a dash of salt over the baking tray and stick in the oven for 10 minutes.

chicken bakeWe also made a chicken bake that we just took off from a recipe on the stove top box. That also came out surprisingly well and both dishes were gone by the end of the night. This one required diced chicken, a bag of frozen veggies, sour cream, cream of chicken soup, and layer the top with cooked stove top. Put in the oven for 30 minutes and it’s good to go. Not bad for a kitchen rookie.

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Turkey Day Prep

Washington Blvd, Culver City

My favorite things about Thanksgiving: autumn leaves (this is the best I could get in socal) and Thanksgiving recipes. I’m really digging Google’s logo recently that links to dishes by Ina Garten. I’ll be making prosciutto wrapped sweet potatoes. Stay tuned to see how it turns out tomorrow.

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I received an unexpected but pleasant email full of charaben photos today. Last year, Giant Robot did an article on charabens, and I never tire of looking at photos of them.

Rilakkuma Charaben

Who I’m going to be for Halloween…Rilakkuma!

Anpanman Charaben

Anpanman wa kimi saa

Sushi Charaben

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